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Electronic Marketing - Archive 2002

See below for links to previous week's articles:

W/C: 4/3/02
Repeat customers the key to e-tail profitability
Broadband users will pay for content, according to Sage Research
Seven ways to close the gap between brick and click

W/C: 18/3/02
Fraud Continues to Haunt Online Retail
Avoiding the E-Commerce Danger Zone
What Sells Best Online

W/C: 1/4/02
Free Content Still the King Online
Users Pay for Niche Market Content

W/C: 15/4/02
Online travel takes off
Report: Customer Service Sways Online Travel Decisions
Travel Web Sites Say Airline Deals Don't Affect Searches

W/C: 29/4/02
Instant Messaging: The Next E-Commerce Channel
Will 3G save the day?

W/C: 13/5/02
Copyright issues become kids' stuff
Is the Best Shopping Deal Really Online?
User Satisfaction Key to Viral Marketing

W/C: 27/5/02
Amazon's Play for eBay
Yahoo concedes Europe auctions to eBay
Spam, Saturation Plague E-Mail Marketing
The global supermarket

W/C: 15/7/02
Wireless world to reflect user needs
Wi-Fi enters the mainstream
Wireless Goes Wide

W/C: 29/7/02
Bluetooth unifies information devices
Apple woos Windows users
Take privacy seriously when emailing

W/C: 12/8/02
Consumers more likely to spend for online content
"New Grocers" emerge in the online world
Multichannel shoppers prove costly

W/C: 26/8/02
E-marketing falters during downturn
U.S. still dominant on Internet
Online sales grow rapidly

W/C: 16/9/02
Google - a case study in profitablity
Amazon almost there