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Marketing Communication - Archive 2002

See below for links to previous week's articles:

W/C: 4/3/02
Whatever happened to Internet2?
Sports investing for European media companies - managing the risk.
Online Publishers Keep Piling Up the Numbers.

W/C: 18/3/02
Bank backing puts Austar back in picture
Digital TV fails to be a turn-on
Possible legal battle over AAMI logo

W/C: 1/4/02
Downturn writ large in outdoor ad marketplace
Nova rules the ratings
The lights flicker on Madison Avenue

W/C: 15/4/02
TV networks down 60%
Sales promotion grows into $6bn business

Has the glamour left advertising?

W/C: 29/4/02
Branding Benefited by Banners
Web Helps in TV Ad Recall
How a series was sold to saturation
Advertising is gaining strength

W/C: 13/5/02
Classifieds to Drive Internet Ad Growth
Media Buyers Prefer Quality over Quantity
Jumping on the band wagon

W/C: 27/5/02
Newspapers Look Online for Revenue
The world logs on to Gutnick's Internet case

W/C: 15/7/02
Online ads proving attractive
Spam case warning
Canadian webcaster frightens TV world

W/C: 29/7/02
Nine regains lead after horror year
Boost ad spend or lose share, says Clemenger
Is Advertising on the Rebound?

W/C: 12/8/02
Online dating game extends Cosmo brand
McDonald's gets happy online
From Pigeons to Portals

W/C: 26/8/02
Internet advertising declines
Tuning In to The Village Voice

W/C: 16/9/02
Switched on TV
Australian media's rocky road not yet over
Internet ad slump hits AOL