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Marketing Strategy Development - Archive 2002

See below for links to previous week's articles:

W/C: 4/3/02
Europeans took holiday shopping online
Are Amazon's travel ties heading south?

Supply Chain apps hold the bottom line

W/C: 18/3/02
Morpheus woes lift rival from obscurity
Memo to the Record Companies: Downloading Can't Be Stopped
Judge orders P-to-P services trial

W/C: 1/4/02
KaZaA wins legal case
Consumer privacy concerns change shape of Web
Online Marketers Tighten Privacy

W/C: 15/4/02
Privacy on the web not living up to expectations
Free software for privacy issues
Customer retention is not enough
Factoring In the Voice of the Customer

W/C: 29/4/02
Levi's meets and greets but still up in the air
Google's New Source of Revenue

W/C: 13/5/02
Why Net marketers love mom
Moms, Hispanics Increasing Web Use

W/C: 27/5/02
Car makers switch on to youth appeal
Youth and Upscale Consumers Want an M-Lifestyle

High delivery costs stifle realisation of 3G promise

W/C: 15/7/02
Danish Court rules that 'deep linking' violates copyright law
Accurate customer analysis awaits integration

W/C: 29/7/02
Microsoft counters Apples MPEG-4
Microsoft at odds with Web standards again
Desperately seeking success

W/C: 12/8/02
IBM will buy PwC Consulting

W/C: 26/8/02
Free no more?
Free music beats fee-based systems
Feds to attack P2P technology

W/C: 16/9/02
E-tail and lower than acceptable customer satisfaction
Pop's new big sell rakes in the lolly
Effective Demand Chain Management