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Below are the FAQ's
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Q. I am having trouble downloading one of the freeware/shareware products you highlight in your "downloads" section of your web site.

A. Look at the link I have provided and see which site I have used to provide access to the download. For example the KaZaa download is at:

http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-1896420-100- 7142396.html?tag=pop

which has been taken from the cnet site. Go to http://www.cnet.com and key KaZaa into the search engine. It will refer you to a URL and you can take it from there. All of the sites I use have search engines (eg. Tucows) and all operate in a similar manner.

Q. I have linked to the article you highlight but keep getting an error message on my browser.

A. Some of the content providers only keep their articles up for a short period of time. While every effort is made to remove these article links from my website as they become unavailable, sometimes one or two slip through. Feel free to email me with the details if you find one.

I am keen to learn a little more about Frueauf Village at Falls Creek - availability, types of rooms, facilities in rooms, etc

A. Click on contact for more information about Frueauf Village.

preparing to dive, The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.