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There are a myriad of websites dedicated to freeware and shareware and without trying to duplicate any of this, I offer the following links to a number of freeware/shareware programs that I have come across in my travels. I either use personally, or they are amongst the top 2 or 3 downloads available on the net. I am going to change this list on a fairly regular basis and so would love to hear from people as to what they regard as a great download so that I might include it in the updated list.

For Palm OS

PowerOne Personal


This is a FREE, general purpose, COLOR calculator that solves your every-day math and business problems and includes business functions such as sales tax, mark up and percent change computations. It also has a calculation log for reviewing past computations and quite a dynamic memory capability. Quite a good replacement for the built in palm calculator that comes as standard with your PDA.



Although costing around A$60, this spreadsheet, word processor and charting tool is my favourite download from the web. The reason I have included it here is that it comes as a free 15 day trial and is well worth the text. The beauty of this program is it effortlessly keeps your work synchronized with Microsoft Word and Excel on your PC.

For Windows



WinZip 8.1 has changed a little, which means significant enhancements for all WinZip users, whether novice or advanced. What can you say about winzip that hasn't already been said. If you are not currently using a compression tool, then you might want to take a look at the best the web has to offer.

Irfan View 3.61


This is a remarkably popular and prolific FREEWARE image viewer and converter. The list of file types supported is one of its greatest attributes. (Support for Apple QuickTime)

KaZaa Media Desktop


This is a FREE second-generation peer-to-peer file-sharing service with which you can search and download media files from other KaZaa users. You can also organize and play/view your media files through an integrated media jukebox, publish your own work, reach an audience, and communicate with other KaZaa users. KaZaa supports audio, video, software, games, images, and documents. Version 1.5 features recommendations, faster search results, faster start-up time and an automated feature that lets people communicate with contacts.